Basic Material Characterization and Failure Analysis involve using fundamental techniques and principles to understand and analyze the properties of diverse materials. Moreover, these analyses are invaluable for detecting material non-conformities.¬†Specifically, they are essential for scrutinizing a material’s structure and properties, and for correlating the results obtained from advanced specialist tests.

Additionally, applying material characterization, particularly in steel, plays a crucial role in failure analysis investigations. Our specialized team excels in analyzing failures of steel components, using a range of advanced equipment and leveraging their enhanced knowledge to determine the causes of component failure.


Chemical analysis

Chemical analysis can quantify the elemental composition of the metal. This is fundamental during basic characterization.

Hardness test (Rockwell, Micro-Vickers)

Our team can conduct hardness and microhardness tests on metal samples in accordance with Customer requests.

Tensile test

Mechanical properties, as determined by ASTM E8/E8M for metals, are directly measured via a tensile test on a standard specimen. 

Light Microscope Investigation

Our team can use microscopic analysis to observe the microstructure of metals, coatings, cracks, welds

TEM and S-TEM investigation with high-resolution TEM (200kV)

Conducting an analysis to evaluate the structural and elemental properties of a material up to the atomic scale is crucial for understanding its characteristics.

SEM and SEM-EDS microanalysis

Fractographic features and corrosion products can be identified using SEM, thus helping determine the cause of failure.

X-ray diffraction

We employ the non-destructive technique of X-ray diffraction to calculate residual stress, providing valuable insights into material characteristics.

Industrial Computed Tomography X-ray scan

Analysis that is able to examine and quantify the porosity, cracks, and other features can provide valuable information.

Examples of a crack caused by HIC and SEM image of an intergranular brittle failure surface in a SSRT sample


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